What is the Best Time to Post on Social Media?

Suppose your target consumers are working women between the ages of 25-45 years old. Your market research revealed that the majority of your audience go online between the hours of 7-9 am or when they’re commuting to work. For your posts to be seen on Facebook or Pinterest, you surmised that the best time to post should also be between these hours.

However, when the numbers are in, it shows that even though your ads have been viewed by many, the response and returns are lower than you expected. A closer look reveals that some social apps reveal higher engagement and activity than others.


A study on The Science of Social Timing by Kissmetrics says that each social channel has its own peak times or times when users are most active. Just because someone is online doesn’t necessarily mean they are engaged or ready for what you have to say. Different target customers also mean that the best days to post on social media can vary between brands.

Another thing to consider is the different algorithms and workings of social channels. Campaigns published on Facebook can keep pulling impressions up to 2 hours of its posting. Twitter, on the other hand, moves much faster with an average Tweet lifespan lasting from 18-24 minutes only.

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For one thing, hiring a social media VA should help you with management. For another, knowing the best time to post on social media should give your campaigns a significant boost.

The Best Time to Post on Facebook

With more than 2.32 billion active users every month, Facebook has claimed leadership for social media marketing. In the US, almost two-thirds of adults are on Facebook with users spending an average of 35 minutes on the platform.

This vast influence made Facebook pull in 5 million advertisers as of 2017. To stir up interest for your campaigns in such a packed environment, publish content on the best time to post on Facebook for likesattention, or engagement.

The Best Time to Post on Twitter

Web FX study revealed that 53% of consumers admitted Twitter has influenced them to purchase a product. Couple this finding with Twitter’s 326 million active user base and it’s easy to see how the platform is a powerful hub for advertising.

Although Tweets have a 140-character limit, brands can still attach media or links that lead to their eCommerce store or blog. In fact, Tweets with attached media get more attention than those with none. Information in Twitter moves fast, with users only spending an average of 1 minute on the platform, most of whom are on mobile. Use the following data to keep up with this fast-moving channel:

The Best Time to Post on Instagram

From a photo-sharing app, Instagram has been catapulted into an influential branding platform in just a few years. How influential? Out of its active monthly users of 1 billion, 80% of people on Instagram follow a brand. With the majority of its user base being between the ages of 18-29 years old, it is the best channel to find and connect with the younger market.

Although it is originally a photo-sharing platform, Instagram shows higher engagement in videos than images, Sprout Social report has revealed. Instagram ads are also pricier than Facebook. However, it’s been found that 1 in 4 millennials or teenagers on Instagram look for or view Instagram stories of products that they are planning to buy, with up to 25% of users swiping up or navigating the linked stores or business pages.

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The Best Time to Post on Pinterest

Pinterest may not share the vast user base of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but it shows great marketing pull. For one thing, the platform isn’t as crowded as the three social channels, so competition isn’t as rife. For another, Pins are more likely to have repeat value rather than a one-time purpose, what with people using Pinterest as a planning and shopping guide.

Out of its 291 million active monthly users, 77% have claimed to have discovered a brand through Pinterest and 98% have tried a new product, project, or brand that they found on the platform. This kind of pull is too important to ignore.

The Best Time to Post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is mainly used for professional development and job seeking. Its 590 million active monthly users spend an average of 17 minutes on LinkedIn every month. However, the past years have shown the platform’s marketing potential. How do companies use the platform for their business advantage?

94% of B2B companies use LinkedIn for sharing content. A study from Social Media Today has also found that website traffic delivered from social media is 46% from LinkedIn.

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