Waking Up On Time With a Timex Alarm Clock

An alarm clock is extremely important to have because it’s always important to get to work on time. However, it’s also important to buy the right alarm style clock. The right clock with an alarm for everyone is one that is durable, will work each and every time, and has nice sounds to wake up to as no one wants to wake up to that awful buzzing sound. Finding the right one could be hard, or it could be easy as long one just buys a Timex alarm clock. Alarm style clocks made by Timex are always a great buy, and that is why this article will discuss three different models offered by Timex.

A very inexpensive model is the Timex Extra Loud LED Alarm Clock, model number T101B. This Timex clock is made especially for deep sleepers who can’t seem to wake up to regular alarms. It allows people to choose between a soft buzzer and a loud buzzer, which can wake up people who tend to be deep sleepers. It has a large snooze button that will provide an extra five minutes of sleep. Also, this particular product can be easily reset with just the press of a button. The only downside to this product is that it only buzzes, which can be an annoying sound to wake up to. However, the price is right at only about $8.

The Timex Solar Powered Radio Controlled Atomic Alarm Clock, model number T065S, is another great model. This Timex alarm clock displays the time, the temperature, the date, and the day of the week on the display screen. The nice thing about this clock is that it has a radio, so one can wake up to his or her favorite radio station each and every day. This particular product is also quite inexpensive as it costs only about $15.

The Timex Color Changing Alarm Cock Radio with Bedtime Beats, model number T205W, is a very unique model. This Timex alarm clock actually changes colors! It displays the time and the radio station on the display screen. What makes this clock special, though, is that it allows people to wake up to the radio, a buzzer, or nature sounds! It looks great, it provides a lot of alarm options, and it’s very inexpensive as it costs only about $25 brand new. I hope this article has been beneficial to those looking for a high quality alarm style clock.

Source by Dave Gorski