Top 7 Cyber Security Books for Beginners in 2020

Cyber Security When it comes to learning, we have possibilities like YouTube, learning platforms, scholarly articles on Google, online courses, etc. Throughout all the years’ books still somehow managed to stay the most relevant way of learning. Why?

Cyber Security

Because writing a proper book takes a lot of time and resources. The book-making process takes a while to go through all the revisions and information check-ups. Whilst technical blogs and podcasts become increasingly more and more popular, it still cannot be compared to the level of preparation and quality of information on books.

Top Cyber Security Books For Beginners

With the prevalence of data breaches and cyber-attacks, there is a huge need for cyber security experts in every industry. More and more companies hire security specialists based on their knowledge instead of their diploma or certifications. These books should help you get all the needed insights.

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Cyber Security: Threats and Responses for Government and Business

Threats and Responses for Government and Business book is a cooperation work of Jack Caravelli and Nigel Jones. The first author of the book, Mr. Caravelli is a Ph.D. and a leading national security expert, who has worked in such places as Central Intelligence Agency, White House Security Council staff and at the Department of Energy. The second author of the book, Mr. Jones is the CEO of the Information Assurance Advisory council that is working towards bringing government, academic, and industry sectors together to work on cyber security challenges and opportunities.

Their collaborative book is a study of all key cyber security issues regarding many governmental institutions and business companies. The threats that are being talked about in the book are the ones that cause unprecedented financial losses and interruption in the activity. Among the cyber security books, this comprehensive work focuses on the emerging problems that are rapidly approaching with the WEB 3.0 or the ‘Internet of Thing’s (IoT)’. The authors mentioned the upcoming threats for technology and transport industries since they are being closely tied up with the internet. The book takes a thorough look at the security measures that will be used by manufacturers and how the threats will be faced.

Threats and Responses for Government and Business book takes a deep and detailed look to describe the existing threats in political, financial, privacy, and data protection breaches that have been caused by cyber security attacks. The authors make insightful suggestions on how each of these institutions can increase their defense and what steps need to be made.

Cyber Security for Beginners

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The author of Cyber security for Beginners, Raef Meeuwisse holds multiple certifications for information security and created a security control framework for Fortune 20 companies. Mr. Meeuwisse is also an author of AdaptiveGRC, a risk management and compliance suite. He is also a freelancer Chief Information Security Officer and international speaker at the conferences and has written a fair amount of cyber security books.

The book by Raef is an easily understandable introduction to cyber security even for the people who do not have a technical background. It is suitable for people who are looking for ways to learn what is cyber security or deepen your knowledge as an information security employee. The author believes, that the world is not the same as it used to be. Technology became something that is no longer our servant, now it is the main thing that shapes our every-day lives and we need to learn how to make it safer.

People and companies that are capable of using technology properly are one step further than the others who cannot. Raef Meeuwissi believes that companies that do not invest in cyber security will collapse and disappear. The book represents authors opinion and provides information about clouds, smart devices, and other digital devices and what risk and dangers await in the landscape of the internet.

Cyber Security: Law and Guidance

A quite different approach to cyber security books is made by Helen Wong. The writer of the Law and Guidance is a corporate commercial lawyer and works as a cyber security specialist with IP law. Mrs. Wong is known for being an active persona in cyber security and her articles, and public opinions concerning Brexit, information security, and China.

The book provides an extensive overview of legal developments in cyber security and data protection in the European Union and the UK. The publication by Helen Wong mainly focuses on key information security laws and other related legal instruments. This includes data protection and payment services.

The author gives a thorough insight into how the law is developed outside the regulatory frameworks, case law, and the industry standards for security measures. Helen believes, that cyber security law will become highly contentious shortly and will require more and more experts to operationalize matters.

Law and Guidance is a highly valuable book for every legal practitioner and many organizations. It is also suitable for everyone keen on cyber security law. In the book, you will find topics like threats and vulnerabilities, privacy and security in the workplace, in-depth reports from industry experts, social media and cyber security, and many more.

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Cyber Security for SeniorsA network of computers

Inspired by his son Jeff to write one of the cyber security books, publisher Dr. Steve Krants released a book called Cyber security for Seniors which was dedicated to his fellows in their online endeavors. The author had a 39-year career at IBM® as a Distinguished Engineer, and for the last 8 years of his career, he worked as a Chief Architect and Strategy Leader of IBM’s worldwide, internal IT sector. He was responsible for the successful computing support of over 400 thousand individual professionals, technicians, and administrators.

The author believes in life-long-learning and as a senior himself, he understands the needs and challenges that seniors face with the evolution of technology. In the book, Mr. Krant puts all of his 50 years of experience in computer science to explain as simply as he can. The book’s goal is to provide needed help for seniors to protect themselves from cyber security dangers.

Cyber security for Seniors is among the protecting cyber security books because it contains possible risks, solutions, and practices for seniors to operate on the internet. The author introduces the reader with the terminology and special web links that allow surfing the internet further. It is important to understand the possible risks that may occur in the on seniors’ laptop or smartphone, how to surf the web safely, how to protect your social media and email accounts. Most importantly, the book will help to protect their financial data in the online world. The book is very user-friendly so there is no need to worry about understanding the complicated computer stuff.

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