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Development is a necessary evil. It’s something that has to happen, but it’s not always pleasant. Development projects are often difficult to manage and much of the time, they don’t go according to plan. The best thing you can do as a developer is be prepared for your development process to take longer than anticipated – and hope that there aren’t any major setbacks or delays along the way!

How Apps are Created : App Development Process

Process Every day hundreds of mobile apps published to the app store and google play store. Some of the apps are games, e-commerce app, and social media apps. Creating apps

Things to Know Before Building an Android App

It’s significant to study how to build an app on the Android platform because of how many Android operators there are across the world. Building an android app is generally

10 Best Low-Code Development Platforms for 2020

Lines of code are the bricks that applications are made of. Using these bricks, developers build different functions, operations, and designs, which are then united into a solid solution. But