Reebok Zig Slash Basketball Shoe Review

The Reebok Zig Slash breaks the boundaries for aesthetics and style with its unique and daring design. It has been made with new technologies such as the Zig Tech sole. If you look at the pattern on the outside of the sole and on the side of the shoe you will notice a Zig pattern that has become its trademark sign. Read this article to find out why the rubber outsole has a zig pattern.

On the outside of the Reebok Zig Slash is a soft patented leather. This makes it much easier to play in as the feel is much softer and lighter on the feet. Having a soft and good feel on a basketball shoe is important in any mid top design especially in the Zig Slash where a lot of weight is attributed to the rubber outsole.

As just mentioned the Reebok Zig Slash has a large rubber outsole in the shape of a zig pattern. This isn’t just there to look cool and fancy or whatever, it’s actually there because they’ve found that energy can be transferred much easier when it’s placed in the pattern it is. This means that jumping will feel springier and accelerating will be easier as the energy put into the movement is transferred over from the heel to the toe box. This truly is unique and isn’t a phenomenon anyone has seen since the Reebok Runtone Action saga.

Upon putting on a brand new pair of Reebok Zig Slash basketball shoes you will notice a great snug and comfortable fit. The shoe has been known to feel true to size on most occasions but some people have stated that it feels a bit narrow. This can be down to personal preference as some people prefer their basketball shoes narrower as they feel they have more control.

Even though you wouldn’t think so, the basketball shoe does have a surprisingly low profile meaning that the feet are positioned lower than you think. When you step onto the court, the foot is in unison with the zig zag outsole and the ground. With regards to protection the heels have plenty of support and extra rubber on the outsole to secure them into place. Once you tie the laces, the tongue on the front gives you a soft touch ensuring that the shoe is securely wrapped around the foot and ankles for good support.

As you would expect from the zig pattern there is a lot of traction on the Reebok Zig Slash making it the perfect basketball shoe if your playing point guard.

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Source by Ted Parry