fog vs. mist computing: difference between the two

One of the problems that cloud computing often doesn’t handle well is a time delay. While processing data in the cloud, there is bound to be some delay between uploading

Common Types of Cyber Attacks and Prevention

Worldwide cyber security spending will reach $133.7 billion by 2022, according to a Gartner Inc. prediction. Cyber attacks are growing increasingly sophisticated, forcing organizations to invest heavily in developing strategies

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Website visitors today have seen nearly every features you can think of. They watch the latest videos, know the trends in design and are quite savvy about user experience (UX).

Why Your Website Must Prioritize Function Over Fancy

The Internet has been around for a very long time. The first public website were founded in 1991. The first for-profit websites were launched in 1993, including Bloomberg and IMDB.

The Importance of Scalability In Software Design

Software design is a balancing act where developers work to create the best product within a client’s time and budget constraints. There’s no avoiding the necessity of compromise. Tradeoffs must

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Spotify is available on many platforms, but they also maintain a web player. A lot of folks I know prefer the web player instead of the desktop or mobile apps. Especially

How RPA Can Help in Data Cleansing for Analysis

Data cleansing is a painstaking task for workers as it dramatically slows down the business processes and functionalities. However, it is a critical aspect that can’t be left out of

4 Ways Managed Services Improve Cyber Security

Business life in 2020 has experienced a perfect storm of cyber security threats. Remote work expands the attack surface. Meanwhile, cyber criminals grow increasingly sophisticated, while a shortage of cyber

How Top Software Teams Deal with Technical Debt

Software development teams can keep builds on budget and on task by reducing or eliminating technical debt. In a perfect world, developers would fix all known bugs with each iteration—but we all