Leather Applique Work – The Grace of Tripura

Tripura, a single of the 7 northeastern sister states of India, is recognized as the hub for cane and bamboo crafts. Its one of a kind topography and the bounties of character make cane, bamboo, and wood abundant in the area. Mainly because of the abundance, the experienced artisans change these bamboo and cane into distinct artwork kinds, this kind of as household furniture, vogue add-ons, decorations, utensils, etcetera. Made fully from hands, these elaborate crafts are beautiful. A single of the most common picks from these is the bamboo or cane mesh with leather-based appliqué.

Bamboo mesh is handmade individually. It is bought by the meter in Tripura. Its value depends upon the fineness of splits, the width of the mat, and the color of the thread. Some of the finest top quality bamboo meshes go into the development of the leather appliqué wall or door hangings.

The elegance of leather appliqué on cane mesh reconfirms the religion in the immortality of art. Hindu deities and sceneries are the key themes. The faces of Lord Shiva, Durga, and Krishna are the particular favorites of the artists. The daring colors and pattern guarantee a modern design and style that appears to be at household in even a modern setting. The vivid models are painted in black, earthen, and brown oil paints are beautiful and when put against the easy but highly effective backdrop of the bamboo meshes, a rare piece of artwork is designed!

Generation of every single piece is a specific approach. Skinny leather is cleaned and dried. It is then slash intricately and is pasted on the mesh with organic and natural adhesive. Interestingly, the artists specifically paint on the cutouts. No pencil sketch is done. 1st, the outlines are drawn primarily in brown shade. Some artists may possibly use black colour as properly. The organic wood color is applied for the most portion of the items. Sometimes, environmentally friendly and red hues may perhaps be crammed in, but usually brown and wooden colour is the mix. For that reason, drawing is the key to this art type. A fluid movement of traces and curves gives out beautiful pics.

A skinny coat of varnish in excess of the leather-based preserves its colours and quality for very a extended time. Nonetheless, however, to retain the luster and sheen of the leather-based intact, it is far better to body or laminate these parts. If you do not would like to do so, then just dust it regularly with a tender dry piece of cotton fabric. By no means expose it to daylight or dampness mainly because daylight will fade its hues and humidity will destroy the leather-based. Do not use business cleansers on it for the reason that they have severe substances that can damage the appliqué.

Supply by Rakhi Sinha