Features and Cost to Online Medicine Delivery App

Medicine The Internet has revolutionized the healthcare industry. The software industry is not only expanding in one direction and benefits a single sector, but it is set to cover multi-directional verticals. Various sectors, including the healthcare industry, are taking advantage of this revolution of the Internet and software industry.


At this time people do not have much time to waste on those things which are available on the Internet. With the advent of technology, these online medical delivery apps are creating a buzz in the market.

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The Reason Behind The Popularity of Medicine Delivery Apps

Nowadays, medicine delivery applications are so famous because of the service they provide. Here are some reasons for the popularity of medicine delivery apps.

  1. Saves Money

Medicine delivery apps help users save money. They offer various offers and discounts for the customers to attract. Also, the app provides a feature where customers can see and purchase cheap medicines with the same salts as a substitute for those expensive medicines. Apart from this, they give some signup and loyalty bonuses for their customers; that bonus can be further used in medicine purchasing.

  1. Saves Time

At this time, time is the most precious thing in the world. Since these apps understand the value of your time and save your valuable time, they provide convenience and time saving both at the same time. Now there is no need to go for medicine outside spending hours of time and money as well. Your medicines are just a few clicks away from your doorstep.

  1. Informative App

When a user searches for medicine in the app, it shows detailed information about that medicine. The app tells customers about all the salts that medicines contain. Proper education about the drugs spreads awareness among the customers. This is a much-appreciated feature of the medicine delivery application.

  1. 24*7 Customer Supports

The company provides its user with 24*7 customer support facilities. For that, they integrate both human and chatbot power. Chatbots resolve most of the queries, and the remaining questions that can’t be solved by chatbots are transferred to real customer care executives. Hence they save time and money for their business.

Features of Medicine Delivery App

Adding one by one quality in the app, developers are taking the app towards perfection. There are various features of a medicine delivery app development that helps to increase its popularity. These features make a medicine delivery application different from others. Here are some of them that have a look.

  1. n-App Camera

The best feature of a medicine delivery app that supports the in-app camera. When a customer clicks a picture of the prescription, the automated system directly redirects the customer to the medicine page. Where the customer can choose the quantity of medicine and proceed to checkout. The camera is smart enough to understand all the drugs written in the prescription.

  1. Behaviour Tracking

This feature is integrated into the app to track customer behavior.  It tracks all the medicine ordering patterns and keeps the frequently ordered medicine on top so that any customer need not face any difficulty while searching a particular medicine in the app.

  1. Lab Test

When a doctor writes some lab tests for patients, it is the biggest headache to find a reliable lab. Also, if the patient is not well enough to go to the lab, it makes the condition worse. These medicine delivery apps provide facilities like sample pick-up at home with reliable reports at your doorstep and a soft copy on your application. Isn’t it sound good?

  1. Push Notification 

It is very hectic to remember a lot of things, and in between this it is not so difficult to forget the medicine supply. But this problem is resolved by these medicine delivery apps. When a user orders medicine from a medicine delivery app, it saves the user details in its database. Whenever the medicine stock of the user is about to finish, the app sends a notification reminding them to buy medicine. So that users never miss taking medication.

  1. Expert Consultation

Features like expert consultation add an additional layer of convenience for the users. When a user is stuck with some medicine or prescription and needs specialist consultation, the app also provides this facility. At such times, a dedicated expert helps the user with all their queries. A user can ask a question and get a quick answer from the expert.

  1. Multiple Payment Options

Integrating multiple payment options such as credit/debit card, net banking, wallet etc. provides ease to the user. Supporting multiple payment options makes the payment process flawless. If there are various payment options available in the app, then a user needs not to think too much about the payment. The integration of different payment options also improves user experience.

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Cost of Developing Medicine Delivery App

An upfront answer to this question is confusing to give without understanding the requirements of the app. The cost to develop a medicine delivery app depends upon various factors. Geolocation is the most essential factor that impacts the cost of development for any app. Other factors are:

  • developers Expenses
  • Language(Multilingual or Single)
  • UI/ UX of the application
  • Application requirements
  • Complexity of UI
  • Concept of Project
  • App Testing
  • The platform/OS of the application (Android, iOS, Windows etc.)
  • Payment gateway integration and many more.

Estimation of the development cost is quite tricky, and also it depends upon the location. In some European country’s development cost per hour is around $120 to $150, in the USA it costs around $150 to $250 per hour. In Asian countries like India, it just costs $20 to $80. For an approximation, a basic app will cost you around $10,000 to $15,000, and a full-fledged advanced software which has all the features explained above will cost you about $20,000 to $25,000. The cost can go beyond $25,000 depending upon the requirements of the app and the inclusion of other advanced features.