Enterprise Application Security Best Practices 2020

Enterprise with a poor application security system, the companies might suffer from financial losses, and may even experience loss in reputation. Not only that, but the companies may even suffer from poor sales due to inefficient customer services and loss in customer’s data. Here are a few consequences of an inefficient application security system.


Therefore, it becomes utmost important for any organization to pay heed towards the security concerns of their web-based applications. But, the main question is what aspects to consider while considering the security of your enterprises’ applications? Well, here we have listed some of the crucial security goals that an organization have to accomplish for a perfect and efficient functioning of their business.

Security Goals of the Organizations for 2020

In toadys’ digital world, security of the application is always an utomist concern for any of the organization. So, if you are also a part of the same community, then here are top goals that you need to undertake while planning your business strategies for 2020.

1. Data Security

First and foremost, you need to ensure that all the critical data of your organization as well as that related to your customers is safe and secure. You just invest in a good security system to ensure complete security and minimize data breaches in your organization.

2. Confidentiality

Apart from data security, you also need to ensure that no third-person can access your applications and security systems. Meaning, you should invest well in security tools so that there is no unauthorized access to your applications and data systems.

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3. Availability

Availability should also be your utmost goal for the year 2020. All the credentials of your security systems should readily be available to all the trusted members of your organization. That way they could seamlessly access the applications and could streamline your work operations.

4. Integrity

Last but not the least, data integrity, that is authenticated data and information, should also be one of the goals for your organization in 2020.  The data provided by your application should be effective and trustworthy. It should be authorized and free from maliciou activities.

So, these are the top four goals for almost all the organizations for the year 2020. Want to be a part of the same community? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Dive into the best security practices that you can include in your strategies to accomplish all the goals mentioned above.

So, let’s get started!

Top 5 Web App Security Practices

1. Perform a Risk Management
2. Create an Application Security Blueprint
3. Prioritize Your Applications
4. Conduct Regular Threat Assessments
5. Invest in Cybersecurity Trainings

1. Perform a Risk Management

First and foremost, you need to perform risk management to efficiently mitigate the security issues for your organizations. Nearly all the organizations today have a lot of applications and software solutions in their organizations. However, it is to be seen that not all the applications are being utilized on an everyday basis. For instance, an AI application that once awestruck your organization, may not be as resourceful as it was. Hence, you need to think of all those applications that may even come under your security radar. As, the hackers may leverage these unpatched gaps to break all your security systems.

2. Create an Application Security Blueprint

Another crucial aspect that you need to consider whil;e aiming to secure your applications is creation of security blueprints. Often companies take up a disorganized approach in solving security problems and end up accomplishing nothing. A great security plan helps to accomplish your goals in a much feasible and efficient manner. It helps to satisfy all your business goals while keeping things in sync with each other.

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3. Prioritize Your Applications

After finalizing the security blueprint of your applications, the next step is to prioritize your applications. You need to sort all the systems and applications of your organization on the basis of the usefulness. And it is no surprise that you doubt it now, but it will be really helpful when your list of applications will increase in the future. Prioritizing the applications will help you save a lot of your crucial time and will help you simplify the management process. Hence, you need to prioritize the applications on the basis of three categories, viz. Critical, Serious, and Normal.

4. Conduct Regular Threat Assessments

Scanning all your applications for analyzing the future possible threats is also one of the crucial steps that you need to follow when aiming for a secured application system. For if the systems of your organization are not scanned regularly, then chances of attacks increases exponentially. Hence, you should periodically run threat assessment in your organization to get an idea regarding all the upcoming future threats for your organization. Furthermore, if your organization is small, then you may not consume a lot of time scanning the threats, but, if it is large enough then you may have to invest a lot of your crucial time and valuable resources.

5. Invest in Cybersecurity Trainings

Investing in recent cybersecurity training is also one of the vital aspects that you can consider while aiming for an enhanced security system. Although testing, looking for gaps, and fixing all the security issues is vital to organize your working operations, human-factor is also crucial as well. However, most of the companies neglect this vital human aspect and as a result suffers failure in terms of security. A recent survey reveals that almost 30% of the employees of some leading IT firms do not even know what malware attacks are or what is phishing.

Final Takeaway!

To conclude, we can say that security is one of the crucial aspects in today’s digital world. Often enterprises neglect this most vital aspect and as a result suffers failure and losses. A robust security system not only helps to mitigate the losses due to security failures but also helps to enhance the brand value of your organization in the global market. Therefore, as a marketer and the owner of an organization, you should only invest in the applications that are secured and fully compliant.

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