Amazon Clone Readymade Solution for your dream

Online technology like amazon is one of the booms granted by the innovators to this generation. An app like amazon has become the leading eCommerce store all around the world in a few years. What makes these apps more popular, these are the need and the convenience offered by them to the public.


Amazon brings a revolution in the e-commerce sector that gives an immense reach and global appeal that has made Amazon the most valued and high brand companies all around the world today.

Broaden your horizon of doing business and start doing it with the Amazon app. BR Softech can help you to provide the readymade Amazon Clone App solution for your dreams. We will customize the online store in that way that can easily grab the focus of attendees. With the help of our amazon clone script, you are able to run your most awaited business from anywhere as it provides you with the flexibility to operate according to their choice. Amazon provides you with a wide range of services. It ensures the full creation of e-commerce with smart functions.


In 2018, it showed an average annual growth of 17% and reached approx $3.015 billion in revenue in the US alone. The success of an e-commerce website like Amazon and Flipkart doesn’t solely depend on the quality of its products; there are multiple factors that affect e-commerce success. For any e-commerce website, its design and how it markets play a significant role.

Most Vital Features of Amazon Clone App

Efficient E-commerce Development

With an efficient e-commerce development, many eCommerce development companies may provide you with attractive services that include maintaining services, customized themes and much more.

Stock Management

Manage your stock on the basis of the notification. Whenever stock gets low with a certain percentage, the merchant gets the notification to fill it and manage it accordingly. Business enterprises can easily manage their inventory stock based on needs.

Attractive Themes

Get an impressive user design interface that gives clients an enticing experience while exploring the online platform. It provides those functionalities in which the product seems real whenever it is viewed from devices.

Push Notification

To maintain effective ways of communication. An instant notifications feature is required to inform people about the discount and ongoing offers. Using the algorithms tools, they can update users on the basis of preferences and prior orders. This can accelerate income and enhance sales.

Support Multiple Languages

Amazon comes with the multiple payment Gateway options that help users to expand their business and other native countries. Using an amazon clone app users are able to have their own eCommerce platform that supports multiple native languages and enhances the overall business productivity.

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Payment Options

Everybody today wants to go cashless. Amazon offers you a robust e-commerce platform where users can pay directly with just a few clicks through Google Pay, Paytm or any other digital transaction. Get a great shopping experience with safe payment options for your favorite items using amazon clone.

Secure Payment Option

Providing users with a secure payment option keeping all the security trends and threats in the market. Providing multiple options can smoothen the process and enhance the user experience.

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